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    Donate and add your name to the biggest sports health and safety breakthrough of the 21st century by helping create a national Standard of Care for teaching tackling at the Youth, High School and Women's Tackle football levels of competition.  Help end of avoidable self inflicted concussions through the only science of tackling safety.

The best protection a tackle football player can have is the knowledge, training and conditioning to protect themself against avoidable concussions. Our 24-hour Helmet-Free-Tackle Training course prepares athletes to be safe, effective tacklers through tackling specific knowledge, training and conditioning only acquired through HFT Certification.  

The Train 'Em Up PAC provides entire football communities with Coaches HFT Certification, tackling equipment to conduct year round, Full-Speed, Game-Simulated tackling and provides licensingto create a new revenue stream to raise funds for the any football  program.  The evidence based Hosea-Method tackling technique is proven by science and nearly two decades of on the field play, to eliminate the behavior that leads to self inflicted concussions and other helemt related injuries.  

The BEST teachers are GREAT students first.  My hands on Helmet-Free-Tackle Safety and Performance Coaches Certification Clinics are the only ones of their kind on earth.  Coaches will be able to readily identify, eliminate and replace the physical mechanisms, tackling terminology, drills and techniques that lead directly to crown first impact and helmet exposure to contact while a defender is in the act of making a tackle.

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Our Story

Prevent serious injuries when you practice football safety with the tackling technique from Gridiron Technologies & Science, LLC in Torrance, California. Through our technique, football players can minimize the risk of injury to the brain, neck, and spinal cord. With more than 15 years of experience, our establishment is unique in that it is the only place you will find this type of preventative training.

Contact us in Torrance, California, to request information about achieving football safety through the utilization of our exclusive tackling technique.
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